I want the results of our research to help make ocean conservation and management more effective, so I try to communicate these results to as wide an audience as possible. I particularly enjoy speaking with the public, conservation NGOs, government, and innovative industry partners about the work we do. Feel free to contact me if you think our research may be relevant to your own work.


Macquarie University: Early-Career Researcher of the Year Award video featuring Elizabeth’s spatial ecology of fear research (2 Oct 2014; 1:20)

Google: Earth Outreach video featuring Elizabeth’s spatial ecology of fear research (5 Nov 2012; 1:47; starts at 1:24)

Google: Elizabeth’s seminar at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA (17 June 2013; 49:14)

Macquarie University: “When I grow up, I want to be…”: Women in Science Masterclass for rural and underserved high school students (19 Aug 2015; 42:27)


BBC World Service: Interview with Phil Mercer about our Nature’s Scientific Reports paper (17 June 2011)

KCSBInterview“Fishing for predators on coral reefs” (14 Dec. 2010; 39:09)


General media coverage of our work

Wildlife Australia Magazine, “Seeing Fear From Space” (March 2016)

Sirius, “Reefs in Space” (Aug. 2015)

WWF’s ClimatePrep.org“From the Field: Blue Carbon on the Great Barrier Reef” (4 Mar. 2015)

The Australian, “Google Earth Outreach offers the big pictures” (6 Nov. 2012)

Australian Geographic, “Google program helping research” (7 Nov. 2012)

Time Magazine, “Testing the waters” (5 Mar. 2011)

Science commentary

Australian Geographic“‘Bright spots’ found among damaged coral reefs” (17 June 2016)

International Business Times“Coral reef conservation solution? Damaged coral reefs surprise experts with 15 ‘bright spots’ jam-packed with fish” (19 June 2016)

New Scientist“Great Barrier Reef reserves protected fish from cyclone” (27 Mar. 2015)

BBC Wildlife Magazine, “Get tough on illegal fishing” (Oct. 2014 issue)

Where our science informs popular media

FieryCrossReef_GoogleEarth_2015_03_05_CloseUpThe New Yorker“Six Earth-Moving Moments of 2015″ (9 Dec. 2015)

Some coverage of our 2011 Nature’s Scientific Reports paper

Discover Magazine, “Satellite pictures reveal ‘landscape of fear’ in Great Barrier Reef” (14 June 2011)

The Scientist Magazine, “Satellite images capture fish fear” (15 June 2011)

Nature, press release “Ecology: A bird’s eye view of evolving environments” (14 June 2011)

Some coverage of our 2010 American Naturalist paper

The New York Times, “Predators Gone, Small Fish Get Bolder” (21 Oct. 2010; one of top 10 most emailed Science stories for a week)

Nature, “Brave fish forage more” (4 Nov. 2010)