Satellite imagery

Viewing the earth from above reveals some incredibly beautiful images. For our spatial ecology of fear work, I spend a lot of time scanning satellite imagery. Below are a few of the particularly elegant scenes I’ve come across.

Ilha do Bazaruto, Mozambique (-21.819113°,  35.424090°). Image copyright: CNES/Astrium 2014.
Shark Bay, Western Australia, Australia (-26.105186°, 113.252557°). Image copyright: CNES/Astrium 2014.
Wistari Reef, Queensland, Australia (-23.467365°, 151.899449°). Image copyright: DigitalGlobe 2014.
Near Ilha Magaruque, Mozambique (-21.975030°,  35.420638°). Image copyright: DigitalGlobe 2014.


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